Dmitri Toubelis is a Technology Consultant and Founder of Alkeron Multimedia, a research and development company. The two roles go hand in hand for more than a decade. He provides consulting services to businesses and tinker with his own research in spare time or in between consulting gigs.

As a consultant Dmitri is one stop shop for all technology needs. He develops software in more then 20 programming languages, designs systems from ground up, does devops, network engineering, security and encryption, distributed and cloud computing, hiring and mentoring folks and much more.

As business owner Dmitri is involved in research and devlopment of products for multimedia content distribution. This includes software development, hardware design, various compliance certifications, manufacturing and distribution of company products.

Over last 30 years Dmitri has learned a lot from his hands on experience as technology contractor and business owner and now hi is also involved in advising to startup companies on making right decisions right from the beginning to assure long term success as well as providing hands-on help at critical times.